Our services include all general leadership and management functions, including:

  • Establishing overall project budget and schedule
  • Guiding the contractor selection process and negotiating contracts with designers and general contractors
  • Implementation of controls that manage the schedule, budget, and quality of the project/program
  • Keeping the Owner, officials, and community representatives informed of project progress

  • Communicating with end-users to keep the scope aligned with project objectives
  • Project correspondence
  • Document control
  • Coordination with all external approval authorities and neighboring institutions
  • Review and coordination of submittals and requests for information
  • Change order review and negotiation

  • Schedule management
  • Monitoring project cash-flow including reviewing and processing contractor pay applications
  • Full-time or part-time quality assurance inspections
  • Maintaining as-built documents
  • Coordinating vendors under separate contract to the Owner such as security, data, telecom, and move management

  • Final inspections and review of punch list work for Substantial and Final Completion
  • Monitoring re-functional testing and check-out for compliance with commissioning plan
  • Collecting Operation & Maintenance and Warranty documentation
  • Post-occupancy evaluation of facility prior to warranty expiration 

Program Management
As former City Engineering, Public Works Directors, Facility Managers, and US Navy Civil Engineering Corps Officer, our principal partners and staff support federal, municipal, and private owner clients by managing the development and implementation of public works and capital improvement projects. Under general administrative direction from the client, our firm will:
  • Support the activities and operations of engineering and public works departments
  • Provide strategic life cycle cost analyses
  • Establish program budgets, project estimates, and cash flow
  • Establish and track Master Schedules
  • Explore contract acquisition strategies
  • Manage bond and capital works projects from design through construction and warranty

Construction Management & Inspection Services
We employ a number of highly qualified inspectors including Professional Engineers, Engineers-in-Training, and Construction Managers with years of experience on a variety of horizontal and vertical construction projects. Providing quality assurance and quality control management for Federal, State, local Municipalities, and private clients, our inspection services are provided on either a full-time or part-time basis, depending on the needs of the project and/or client.

A-E & Title II Services
RHSI successfully executed a 5-year full service $2M Architecture/Engineering Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (A/E IDIQ) for the Department of Veteran Affairs for San Antonio and the South Texas area currently under the administration of the South Texas Veterans Health Care System (STVHCS). The contract was awarded to RHSI for the design and project management of various capital improvement and stimulus projects. This A/E IDIQ contract included full service design and Title II Services (inspection and/or observation of construction operations) of projects completed at Audie L. Murphy Memorial Veterans Hospital in San Antonio, Texas and Kerrville Veterans Hospital in Kerrville, Texas.

Estimating, Value Engineering, & Constructability Reviews


RHSI provides fast, accurate and affordable cost estimating services to owners, developers, architects, engineers, designers, and contractors. We utilize historic pricing data, current market data, and current contractor/subcontractor pricing to obtain the most accurate pricing. Our ability to utilize multiple pricing sources ensures the most up-to-date market pricing available. All information is provided in easy-to-interpret electronic reports showing estimated quantities and associated opinions of probable cost.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering is not a cost-cutting exercise—it is a creative, organized effort which analyzes the requirements of a project for the purpose of achieving the essential functions at the lowest total cost. RHSI will review your project in the areas of capital expenditures, energy use, materials, operation, and maintenance to identify potential savings while meeting your desired end results.
Contractor NegotiationRHSI can provide direct negotiation with your contractor of entire projects or specific change orders. We will utilize current labor, material, equipment, and subcontractor costs to obtain the lowest possible price for a project or change.

Material Take-OffsRHSI will analyze your contract drawings to determine the materials required to accomplish the design and will provide material take-offs and material lists for every construction trade following the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) divisions.

Electronic File Sharing & Estimating SoftwareAvoid expensive printing costs with our ability to upload and download your e-files, CAD files, or pfs files. The RHSI estimating team uses the latest technology and estimating software to assure fast service and competitive pricing for your project.

Constructability Reviews

Constructability reviews often serve as a vital part of the design process by answering fundamental questions:

1.    Can the project be constructed by following the current design drawings and specifications?
2.    Can the project be constructed in a more efficient or more cost effective manner while maintaining the integrity of the design?

The RHSI team is no stranger to answering these questions. Vice President Kent Power leads our team that has reviewed countless design documents as both Owner’s Representatives and as a general contractor.

Based upon the needs of the client, our firm is often called upon to perform Constructability Reviews at the 30%, 60%, and 90% design stages. If required, we will attend any design charrettes, phasing/scheduling meetings, utility coordination meetings, etc., to gain a clear understanding of the overall project goals and requirements. After his review of the completed draft design documents, RHSI provides in-depth and experience driven reports noting both strengths and deficiencies. We can also help establish baseline budgets and timeframes for construction that may assist in the selection of general contractors during the bidding phase.  

Our impartial reviews can help owners save a great deal of time and money by vetting out gaps and inconsistencies, and by asking the questions sure to be posed by the general contractor long before the ground is broken. This will result in improved project delivery, improved project quality, and less construction work orders. Also, the impact to the project schedule as a result of in-depth reviews during the design phase can be minimized.